TTP#2: Bibliology and Hermeneutics

TTP#2: Bibliology and Hermeneutics is the second of six classes in The Theology Program. It was taught in the Spring of 2013. This course focuses on the authority, nature, and interpretation (hermeneutics) of the Scriptures. It is designed to help students work through issues that concern the trust they place in the Bible and its interpretation. Issues like: Is the Bible that we have today the same as when it was originally written? Do we have the right books? How do we know that the Bible is inspired by God? How do we interpret Scripture?

Links to the class sessions are below:

#1 – Class Introduction and Authority
#2 – Sola Scriptura
#3 – Transmission of Scripture
#4 – Canonization of Scripture (OT)
#5 – Canonization of Scripture (NT)
#6 – Inspiration of Scripture
#7 – Proving Inspiration
#8 – Inerrancy
Open Discussion
#9 – History of Interpretation
#10 – Historical-Grammatical Hermeneutics
#11 – Personal Bible Study


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