Bibliology and Hermeneutics #11 – Personal Bible Study

This “extra” class was not from the original Bibliology class but added to give the student some suggestions on starting a personal Bible Study of their own. We used some slides prepared by Pastor Drake Torp-Pedersen of Terrell Bible Church which summarized material from Living By the Book by Howard Hendricks. This bible study method consists of three steps: Observation-Interpretation-Application. Included in the “Further Study” section below are some of the handout from this class as well as a couple of other resources on Bible Study Methods.

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #11
Or play it with the control below:
Click here for the Sildes we used in Class: Bible Study Methods

For Further Study:

My One Word Small Group Bible Study by Mike Ashcraft

Basic Bible Study Method Lesson 1: Read


Interpretation: Consulting References – David Keehn

How to Do A Bible Book Survey Overview


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