TTP#1: Introduction to Theology

TTP#1: Introduction to Theology is the first of six classes in The Theology Program. It was taught in the Winter of 2012.  This is a theological studies methods course. Its primary purpose is to teach you skills for developing a Christian mind, by helping you construct a solid foundation for thinking through life’s most important issues. Why be concerned with theology? What is truth? Is there such a thing? Can we be certain that our truth is the right truth? What is the Christian view of truth? How do we respond to a culture that devalues truth? Does God still communicate through direct encounters today?

Links to the class sessions are below:

Intro to Theology #1 – The Theology Program
Intro to Theology #2 – Defining Theology
Intro to Theology #3 – Categories of Theology
Intro to Theology #4 – Postmodern Epistmology
Intro to Theology #5 – Christian Epistemology
Intro to Theology #6 – Defining Essentials and Non-Essentials
Intro to Theology #7 – Traditions in Christian Theology
Intro to Theology #8 – Sources of Theology
Intro to Theology #9 – Does God Still Speak Today?
Intro to Theology #9B – Discussion
Intro to Theology #10 – Unity and Diversity
Intro to Theology #10B – Final Discussion


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