Soteriology #7 – Conversion: Faith and Repentance

This week we talked about Conversion. This is the first step in the salvation process that we are involved. He has done all the planning and work up to this point, but now it is our time to respond. The scriptures tell us that to be saved we need to believe (have faith) and we need to repent. Questions arise as to what it means to have faith and to repent. Is it enough to know this and accept it or do we need more? Does repenting mean we have to change before God accepts us or is is only by faith that we are saved.

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Class Discussion for Week 7
– Read: Systematic Theology, 746–763 (Chapter 38)

For Further Study:

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Dump Lordship Salvation & Easy Believeism

The Response of Faith: Repentance – Matt Chandler


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