TTP#4: Humanity and Sin

TTP#4: Humanity and Sin is the fourth of six classes in The Theology Program. It was taught in the Fall of 2013. This course is a study of the nature of humanity and sin. We will discuss the implications of humans being created in the image of God. Why did God create us? What are humans anyway? Debates about the origin and nature of sin will be examined by asking questions such as: What is sin? Where did it begin? Why did God allow it? Are there different types of sin? What is the Fall? How can people be condemned for a sin they did not commit (original sin)? Do we have a free will? Is there such a thing? We will also wrestle with issues pertaining to the nature, purpose, and design of the sexes. Are men and women different when it comes to roles in the church or society? Should they be? Our stance will ultimately affect our view of marriage and society. The last two sessions were are review of the entire Theology Program up to this point.

Links to the class sessions are below:
#1 – Why did God create man?
#2 – Constitution of Man: Monism
#3 – The Constitution of Man: Dualism
#4 – The Creation of the Soul
#5 – The Imago Dei in Humanity
#6 – Original Sin: Pelegianism
#7 – Original Sin: Augustinianism and Arminianism
#8 – Free Will
#9 – Male and Female (Egalitarianism)
#10 – Male and Female (Complementarianism)
Theology Program Review
Theology Program Q&A


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