Four Views of Revelation

Four Views of Revelation was taught from June 1, 2011 to August 31, 2011. Most people have heard of only one view of Revelation, the one from the Left Behind series. But there are at least 4 major viewpoints of this book and the end times. This class was meant to help students understand the historical nature of the views and help form their own understanding.

Below are links to each of the class sessions:

Revelation #1 – Introduction
Revelation #2 – Date and Historical Setting
Revelation #3 – Historicist and Preterist Views
Revelation #4 – Futurist and Idealist Views
Revelation #5 – Opening Vision (Ch. 1)
Revelation #6 – The Seven Churches (Ch 2-3)
Revelation #7 – The Seven-Sealed Scroll (Ch 4-8:1)
Revelation #9 – The Seven Visions (Ch 12-14)
Revelation #10 – The Seven Last Plauges (Ch 15-16)
Revelation #11 – The Great Babylon (Ch 17-19)
Revelation #12 – The Millennium (Ch 20)
Revelation #13 – New Heaven and Earth (Ch 21-22)


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