TTP#5: Soteriology

Soteriology is the fifth of six classes in The Theology Program. It was taught in the Winter of 2013/14. This course is a study of the nature of salvation. It will focus on the process and responsibilities of salvation from the standpoint of God and from the standpoint of man. We will look both to Scripture and the church history for answers. Focus will be made on the doctrine of justification—the central issue of the Reformation. Much time will be spent attempting to understand the ongoing debate between God’s sovereignty in salvation and man’s responsibility. We will also examine at the different views of the atonement, faith and repentance, eternal security, and the destiny of the unevangelized.

#1 – Ordo Salutis
#2 – Unconditional Election
#3 – Conditional Election
#4 – Atonement: Historical Survey
#5 – Atonement: Substitution Theory
#6 – Calling and Regeneration
#7 – Conversion: Faith and Repentance
#8 – Doctrine of Justification
#9 – Sanctification
#10 – The Doctrine of Perseverance
#11 – The Destiny of the Unevangelized


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