Soteriology #3 – Conditional Election

This week we concluded our discussion on election/predestination by looking at the idea of Conditional Election. We gave a defense for Conditional Election, some objections to it and then looked at a way to bridge the gap between these two views. This was called Compatibilism. It seems that there is legitimate tension in the biblical teaching on election. We can’t pick on choose which scripture we like better. Instead we need to accept that though there is no contradiction in scripture, there are some teachings that are hard for us to fully integrate.

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Class Discussion for Week 3
– Read: The Mosaic of Christian Belief, 243–263 (Chapter 11: Salvation Objective and Subjective)

For Further Study:

Pastor Chuck Smith Exposes Calvinism

McGee Q&A – Doctrine of Election & Free Will

Recanting Unconditional Election for a Personal Election

God’s Omniscience and Man’s Free-will (William Lane Craig)


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