Soteriology #2 – Unconditional Election

This week we cover a subject that can lead to some heated discussion. This is quite natural considering the battle between Unconditional Election and Conditional Election historically. The question of what part God plays and what part we play is affected by our concept of free will, which we talked about in our last course of study, Humanity and Sin. This week we gave and overview of the topic and gave a defense for Unconditional Election. Next week we give a defense for Conditional Election and then look at a way to bridge the gap between these two views.

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Class Discussion for Week 2
– Read: “Are There Two Wills in God” by John Piper (click link for article)
– Read: Systematic Theology, 568–607 (Chapter 27: The Atonement)

For Further Study:

The Bridge Illustration – Simple Explanation of the Gospel

Unconditional Election

John Piper Interviews Rick Warren on Unconditional Election

Greg Koukl – Unconditional Election and Favoritism

Greg Koukl – Is Divine Election Fair?


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