Humanity and Sin #8 – Free Will

Free Will was our topic this week. This is a basic philosophical question as well as an important theological topic. There are three basic positions: (1) Fatalism: Belief that a person’s life and choices are totally and unalterably the result of an endless series of cause and effect. (2) Compatibilism: Belief that a person’s actions are free and are determined by their own character and desires. (3) Libertarianism: Belief that a person’s actions are uncaused by any coercion whatsoever (also known as indeterminalism). The agent is the “first cause” of the effect of his or her action. But are any of them the correct view or does the truth lie somewhere in between.

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Class Discussion for Week 8

For Further Study:

The Case for Free Will

Dennett on free will and determinism (non-Christian)

Why I’m Not a Calvinist: Seven Minute Seminary

Election: Arminianism vs Calvinism – Bob Saucy

Jerry Walls – “What Is Arminianism?” Interview


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