Humanity and Sin #7 – Original Sin: Augustinianism and Arminianism

This week we continued our discussion of the doctrine of Original Sin. We looked at two other views as proposed by Augustine (354-430), bishop of Hippo, and Arminius (ca.1560-1609). Augustinianism says that man is inherently corrupt. The Fall brought condemnation and guilt upon all men. As well, the disposition of the will is totally corrupted and inclined toward evil. Man has free will, but that will is governed by his sinful nature. Man sins, therefore, because he is a sinner. Arminianism says that man is inherently corrupt. However, the Fall did not bring condemnation upon any but Adam. Adam’s sin is only imputed to us when we commit a personal sin, thereby showing our agreement with Adam. The disposition of the will is corrupted so that mans has an inclination to sin, but God gives man prevenient grace to correct the sinful disposition. Now man is like Adam in the Garden, able to choose good or evil.

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Class Discussion for Week 7

Session Assignments
– Reading Assignment: Grudem, 454-471 (chapter 22)
– Reading Assignment: Appendix 2: Council of Orange

For Further Study:

Church History: Augustine, Ambrose, & Pelagius

What is an Arminian

Wesleyan (Arminian) Jerry Walls Refuting Calvinistic Soteriology

A Few Problems With Arminianism and a Case For Calvinism


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