Humanity and Sin #2 – Constitution of Man: Monism

Last week we talked about the Why of creation, especially as it relates to the mankind. This week we start a four part section on the “What” of mankind. What is our essential nature? Related questions are: What does it mean to be human? When you die, what happens to you? Is there such a thing as a soul? What, if any, is the distinction between the soul and the spirit? What is the relationship between the body and the soul?

This week we will look at Monism, which is the teaching that the spirit, soul, and body are all essentially the same or that the spirit and soul do not exist without the body. We will look at the arguments in favor of this position and the rebuttal from duelists.

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Class Discussion for Week 2

Session Assignments
– Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 472-489 (Ch. 23)

For Further Study:

Neuroscience and the Soul – Full Interview with J.P. Moreland

William Lane Craig: Materialistic Reductionism, Mind & Consciousness

Monism vs Dualism & Psychiatry (non-Christian Dualism)

What’s Consciousness?.. and Evidence for the Existence of the Soul – J. P. Moreland


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