Trinitarianism #10 – Christology: The Humanity of Christ in the Scriptures

What are the implications of Christ’s humanity in Scripture? Did Christ divest Himself of His divine attributes? If not, why didn’t He know the time of His coming? Could Christ have sinned? If not, were the temptations for real? These questions have caused great debate throughout the history of the Church. The student will enter into the struggle that these questions pose during the course of this session. Upon completion of this course, the student will be more aware of current issues in Christology.

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #10
Or play it with the control below:
Class Discussion for Week 10

Session Assignments
– Case Study 2
– Vocabulary Quiz 2

For Further Study:

Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin? – Lee Strobel

How Jesus Emptied Himself

Why the Humanity of Christ is Important

Could Jesus have Sinned? (Opposite view as above video)


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