Introduction to Theology #3 – Categories of Theology

What is systematic theology? What are the common mistake that people make with regards to doing theology? How important is it that one use a theological process that is testable? This session presents the different categories in which theology is done. We gained a greater understanding of what systematic theology is by understanding its relation to biblical, apologetic, historic, dogmatic, and philosophical theologies. A basic understanding of the theological process was introduced. Biblical theology must be done with great integrity, asking what did the text mean in its original setting. Then asking what does it mean for all time. Then finally what does it mean for today.

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For Further Study:

Click here for this weeks reading: Representing Christ to a Postmodern World
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Interesting Articles:

Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem

Systematic Theology

Dr. Wayne Grudem on “Why Theology is Important (3 parts)”


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