Ecclesiology and Eschatology #10 – The Rapture and the Afterlife

This is our last week in this class and the final class in this iteration of The Theology Program. This week we talked about the various views of the rapture as well as what heaven will be like and where we will spend eternity. I hope you all enjoyed the classes. I appreciate so many sticking it out for the year and a half. Our next class starts on June 4th and is called, “Letters from a Skeptic – Answering the Hard Questions about God and Christianity.” You can sign up online by clicking on New Class Sign-up link in the menu above.

As a side note: starting in September we will be offering The Theology Program on Monday nights on a continuous cycle for both those in the church and the community at large. We will do them as a two hour class so we can expand the lecture to allow for more questions, and add the discussion part in smaller groups.

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #10
Or play it with the control below:
Class Discussion for Week 10
– Case Study #2
– Vocabulary Quiz #2

For Further Study:

Why The Rapture is a Bad idea – Greg Boyd

PITN: The Rapture

What are the new heaven and the new earth?

C.S. Lewis on Heaven and the New Earth


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