Ecclesiology and Eschatology #3 – The Church and Israel (pt. 2)

What is dispensationalism? What is the difference between dispensationalism, progressive dispensationalism, and covenant theology with regards to the Church? What is progressive covenantalism? This session will seek to answer such questions in an often heated debate. Here students will hear a explanation and defense of classical dispensationalism, progressive dispensationalism, and progressive covenantalism. Students should leave with an understanding that God is in the process of redeeming people and history is a history of redemption.

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Class Discussion for Week 3
– Read: Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 873-886 (Ch 45)

For Further Study:

Dispensationalism (against)

Dr Charles Ryrie on the Bible and Dispensationalism
(All Good but dispensational discussion starts at 21:00)

Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology

Dr Darrell Bock on Dispensationalism, Israel and the Church


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