Soteriology #10 – The Doctrine of Perseverance

This week we talked about the The Doctrine of Perseverance. We looked at four different views: 1) Roman Catholic, 2) Arminian, 3) Lutheran, 4) Reformed. The real question is if a Christian can lose their salvation. But there are some variations to this question. Can a regenerate believer commit apostasy and incur damnation? What can cause someone to lose their salvation? Are the elect eternally secure? Of those who believe you can lose your salvation the question is if the loss comes from what we do (grave sin) or what we decide (apostasy) or a combination of the two. We examined the scriptures used to defend conditional security and those that teach eternal security.

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Class Discussion for Week 10
– Case Study #2
– Vocabulary Quiz #2

For Further Study:

Can a saved person backslide and be lost? (Ask Dr. Stanley)

Can a Christian lose their salvation?

Can Christians Lose Their Salvation by Falling Away? Hebrews 6:4-6

Eternal Security


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