Soteriology #9 – Sanctification

This week we talked about the Doctrine of Sanctification. We looked at five different views of sanctification: 1.Wesleyan, 2. Holiness, 3. Pentecostal, 4. Crisis Dedication, 5. Reformed. One of the main differences between some of these is: “Can I achieve near sinlessness while still walking this earth?” One of the videos at the end of this post from RC Sproul gives us a great illustration to answer this question. We talked about what it takes to push us along the path toward being the person God designed us to be. And we talked a little about the Pentecostal concept of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how it is similar to some of the other ideas about us surrendering to God at various places in our life.

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Class Discussion for Week 9

For Further Study:

What Is Sanctification And Why Do Christians Still Fall Into Sin?

The Most Neglected Theme in Sanctification

The Difference Between Our Sanctification and Our Glorification

Sanctification Gap


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