Soteriology #6 – Calling and Regeneration

The previous class sessions on the Order of Salvation, Election, and the Atonement were mostly about what God did to setup the plan of salvation. As we start talking about the point in time when we became a Christian, we see that several Biblical concepts happened in short order. The four items are the calling, regeneration, conversion and justification. This week we talked about the first two. We discussed if the calling is a one time event or a progressive pursuit of God where we brings about our awareness of God. We then talked about what regeneration means and if it happens before or after our conversion. Calvinism says it happens before and is irresistible. Non-Calvinists say that God does work in us to allow us the chance to choose him and answer his calling, but we do have free will to accept or reject this calling.

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Class Discussion for Week 6
– Read: Systematic Theology, 722–735 (Chapter 36)
– Read: The Mosaic of Christian Belief, 265–286 (Chapter 12)

For Further Study:

Doctrine of Salvation Part 2: Calvinist Perspective on Calling and Regeneration

Regeneration: Before or After Faith?


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