Soteriology #4 – Atonement: Historical Survey

This week we discussed the historical views of the atonement from the early days of the church to the reformation. As in other doctrines we discussed, development of ideas concerning the atonement developed slowly over time. Though all Christians knew that the Cross was and is the central focus of our salvation, it was not always clear why the atonement was necessary and what Christ’s death on the cross actually did. This week we looked at six different views and next week we will look at the position most Christians hold today.

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Class Discussion for Week 4
– Read: Systematic Theology, 692–707 (Chapters 33 & 34)
– Read: Paper “Were You Born Again Before You Believed?” by Michael Patton

For Further Study:

Systematic Theology II – Week 3 – Atonement

What is the Atonement?

Substitutionary Atonement Seen From Paul

Why did Jesus die?


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