Humanity and Sin #6 – Original Sin: Pelegianism

This week begins a three week section of the class on The Fall of Man. The two main concepts that we will discuss are Original Sin and Free Will. Arguably, I would be tempted to say that these concepts have divided the Body of Christ more than any other doctrine or practice. So it is important to approach these with humility and prayer. This week we introduce the doctrine of Original Sin and then look at one of the three main views on this subject. This one is the only one of the three that is pretty universally seen as a heretical view. And yet it may be the one that appeals most to the common person without any Biblical background.

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Class Discussion for Week 6

Session Assignments
– Reading Assignment: Appendix 1: “Original Sin” paper by Michael Patton

For Further Study:

The Gospel According to the Heretic Pelagius

The Doctrine of Original Sin

Original Sin – explained by Ravi Zacharia to a muslim

Doctrine of Sin – Erik Thoennes


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