Humanity and Sin #4 – The Creation of the Soul

We resumed class after a two week vacation break continuing on the the section on the “What” of man. The last two class sessions dealt with the makeup of mankind. We determined that man is both a material being and an immaterial being. Typically we think of man as both body and soul. But the question for this week is when and how does the soul get created. Some of the questions we addressed were: When was the soul created? What part, if any, do our parents play in the creation of the soul? Is the soul “inserted” into our body? If so, when? At conception? After conception? At birth? Or sometime after birth? Does it really matter? The three theories we addressed were: Pre-existence Theory, Creation Theory and Traducian Theory.

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Class Discussion for Week 4

Session Assignments
– Reading Assignment: Mosaic of Christian Belief, 199-222 (Ch. 9)

For Further Study:

What is Soul Sleeping? Is Soul Sleep in the Bible?

Is the human soul in our genes?

Christian Theology, Science, and the Human Soul


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