Trinitarianism #9 – The Humanity of Christ in History

If Christ was man, how could He also be God? Was He part man and part God? Or was He a mixture of both? The answer to these question have defined Christological orthodoxy for the last two thousand years. Upon completion of this session, the student will struggled with the history of the Church as the attempt to understand exactly what it means that Christ is both God and man. The student will learn the various Christological heresies that arose in effort to reconcile the biblical teaching that Christ is God and man. The student will understand why Christ could not represent humanity if he was not fully man, and could not redeem humanity if He was not fully divine.

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Class Discussion for Week 9

Session Reading
– Systematic Theology, 529–567, 634–653 (Chapters 26 and 30)

For Further Study:

Jesus’ Incarnation – What?

Jesus’ incarnation – What does it mean?

How can Jesus be both God and Man? (John Lennox)

The Hypostatic Union

The Humanity of Christ


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