Trinitarianism #7 – Doctrine of the Trinity: Historical Development

How can God be one yet thee? Did the early church believe in the doctrine of the Trinity? Was Christ created? The formal doctrine of the Trinity is a hallmark of orthodox Christianity. Like the Christian doctrine of salvation by grace through faith, this doctrine is totally unique to Christianity. Upon completion of the session the student will have struggled with the early Christians as the attempted to articulate what it means that the Father is God, Christ is God, the Holy Spirit is God, yet they all are not the same. The student will come to appreciate great Christians of the past and the ecumenical councils that attempted to defend this doctrine to skeptics. The student will become familiar with the common Trinitarian heresies of the past, understanding how they still affect peoples view of God in the present.

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Class Discussion for Week 7

Session Reading
– Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 226-261 (Chapter 14)

For Further Study:

A Jewish Christian Explains the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity – Ravi Zakaria

Does The Trinity Make Sense? (1of2) Rabbi Tovia Singer vs William Lane Craig Debate

Does The Trinity Make Sense? (2of2) Rabbi Tovia Singer vs William Lane Craig Debate

For the Doctrine of the Trinity


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