Trinitarianism #6 – Communicable Attributes of God

If God is love, can He also hate? If God is gracious, can He also be righteous? How do these characteristics relate to one another? Even more, if God is sovereign, how can man be free?Upon completion of these session, the student will have come to a better understanding of the concept of the communicable attributes of God. The attributes of omniscience, omnipotence, sovereignty, goodness, righteousness, love, and grace will all be defined and defended from Scripture. Particular attention will be given to the attribute or exercise of divine sovereignty, asking how God’s sovereignty affects man’s freedom. The session ends by giving a brief introduction to the Open Theist view of God as we wrestle with some of the text that are used by Open Theists suggesting that to God the future is “open,” not determined.

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Class Discussion for Week 6

Session Reading
– Roger Olsen, Mosaic of Christian Belief, pp. 133-154 (Chapter 6)

Session Assignments
– Vocabulary quiz #1

For Further Study:

God’s Knowledge (Omniscience)

Greg Koukl – God’s Knowledge

Is God All Knowing? (William Lane Craig)

“Can God Make a Rock So Big…” Answering a Challenge to God’s Omnipotence

John Piper Interviews Rick Warren on the Sovereignty of God


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