Trinitarianism #5 – Incommunicable Attributes of God, Part 2

Does God change? Can God change? If not, why does He change His mind in the Scriptures? Is God everywhere? If so, how is this different than pantheism? This session is a continuation of the last session on defining what makes God, God. Upon completion of this session, the student should have a better understanding of the incommunicable attributes of immutability, omnipresence, and aseity. The student will struggle through some challenging passages that seem to present God as changing according to circumstances. Is this a real change in God’s being (ontological change)? Or is it a change in reaction to people (functional or relational change)? The student will struggle with the common pantheistic view of God’s omnipresence held unwittingly by many in the Church today.

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Class Discussion for Week 5

Session Reading
– Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 185-225 (Chapter 12)

Session Assignments
– Case study 1

For Further Study:

Can God Change? (William Lane Craig)

What is God Like? (Richard Swinburne)

RC Sproul : Self Existence – Defending Your Faith Part 20


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