Trinitarianism #2 – The Knowability of God

Can the finite comprehend the infinite? Can limited humans understand the unlimited God? Should we even attempt to study Him considering our limitations? There are many objections to the study of God. Many say that God cannot be known since He is infinite and we are finite. How can someone who is limited understand the unlimited God? Is this an endeavor in which the Christian should even attempt to embark? During this session, the student will learn the various objections given for the study of God. They will come to an understanding that while there are many things about God we cannot begin to understand or fathom, God can nevertheless be known. In other words, the student will learn that while we cannot come to know God fully, we can come to know Him truly.

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Class Discussion for Week 2

Session Reading
– Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology, pp. 141-148 (Chapter 9)
– Roger Olsen, Mosaic of Christian Belief, pp. 111-132 (Chapter 5)

For Further Study:

Can finite humans say true things about an infinite God?

Greg Koukl – Can We Know Immaterial Things?

Is Truth Knowable – Dr. Frank Turek

Knowing God Through Experience

The Knowability of God – Erik Thoennes


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