Intro to Theology #4 – Postmodern Epistmology

Why is truth devalued in our culture today? What is Postmodernism? We live in a different world than we did just 30 years ago. People think differently today about the reality and nature of truth. Your truth is your truth, my truth is my truth-they are both right is a common belief that we encounter in our Postmodern culture. Why are people thinking in such a manner? By the end of this session, the student should have a better understanding of the history of man’s search for truth, learning that the Postmodern view of truth (that truth is relative) comes as a response and reaction to an overly optimistic view of man that came out of the enlightenment. We will begin to answer the question, How should the Christian respond to a Postmodernism culture?

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For Further Study:

What Is Postmodernism?

Postmodernism & Biblical Absolutes – Dr. Ravi Zacharias

N.T. Wright on the Postmodern Movement


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