Islam #3 – The Bible and the Incarnation

Welcome to week three of Understanding Islam. This week we viewed the third session from the video series “Christianity and Islam” by Dr. Timothy George which delt with a comparison of The Bible and The Qur’ann as well as the distinctiveness of the Incarnation.

Here is the Video Companion Guide which is used for the first four class sessions.

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #3 Or play it with the control below:

For Further Study:

The Koran and the Bible (44:44)

Islam’s Inability to Argue Against the Incarnation (10:29)

How can God turn into a human if He’s God?! (4:10)

Is the Qur’an a Miracle From Allah & Is the Islamic Jesus the Real Jesus? (59:24)


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Sr. Research Manager by day, Bible and Theology teacher by night. Father of two great kids and humble husband to a godly wife.
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