Eastern Religions – #10 “The Secret” & “The Shack”

This week we look at two books that illustrate ways that the New Age Movement have inflitrated the Christian Church. Both books had been recommended to me by fellow Christians. But both contain very bad theology and are influenced by the New Age Movement. “The Secret” is more wholely aligned with NAM and one of its main tenents, that you can create your own reality thorugh the power of your mind. “The Shack” is more subtle in it’s New Age connection but it is still there. Listen the below audio to find out why I say that.

Here is the Class Slides

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #10 Or play it with the control below:

For Further Study:

A Christian Critique of The Secret (10:09) This video shows why this book is wrong for Christians. And I just love d just for the Scottish accent.
Stay Out Of The Shack (4:11)
Episode of wretched – Author of The Shack is universalist (5:22)


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Sr. Research Manager by day, Bible and Theology teacher by night. Father of two great kids and humble husband to a godly wife.
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