Eastern Religions – #9 New Age Movement (part 2)

In part 2 of the New Age Movement we talked about the roots of NAM in the occult and the Theosophical Society. We examined its ties to a network of groups including radical feminism, radical environmentalism, and the UFO cults. We examined the techniques and practives NAM groups use to try to get some kind of spiritual experience. Many of these are also used in mind control and breaking down those you want to get information from.

Here is the Class Slides

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #9
Or play it with the control below:

For Further Study:

The New Age – (The Enemy Of Christ Exposed) (2:55:37) This is a long movie but very good. It takes you from the creation story on Genesis though modern times, tracing the work of the Serpent, the Devil, into the New Age Movement.


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