Eastern Religions – #2 Hinduism

In this class session we looked at Hinduism as a model of the other Eastern Religions. We talked about the history and development of Hinduism inlcuding a quick look at the scriptures, phases and philosophies of this “multiple-choice” religion. We ended with a quick evaluation of Hindu world view. Next week we will do a more in depth evaluation on Hinduism before we turn to a few offshoots of Hinduism.

Here are the Class Slides

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #1
Or play it with the control below:

For Further Study:

From Hinduism to Christianity(8:37)
God, Soul and World – What Is Hinduism? (from Hinduism Today)(27:46)[
Hinduism Explained Documentary (46:50)


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Sr. Research Manager by day, Bible and Theology teacher by night. Father of two great kids and humble husband to a godly wife.
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