Mormons & JW – #8 Watchtower Authority and Prophecy

This week we looked at The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society claim of authority. We examined the biblical justification they use for their authority and evaluated such claims in light of scritpure. We also looked at their track record at prophecy to see if it supports the Watchtower claim to authority.

Here are the Class Slides

Here is a link to the class handouts:
Class Handout #1
Class Handout #2
Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #8
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For Further Study:
Here are the links to some web articles.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are really “Watchtowerites” (7 min)
Click here for written transcript
The Channel of God – Introduction (7 min)
EX-Jehovah’s Witness, Therapist Discusses Mind Control (7 min)


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