Mormons & JW – #3 Validity of Mormon Scripture

This week we talked about the validity of Book of Mormon and other Mormon Scriptures. We also saw how the Mormons look at the Bible as an inferior book saying it is corrupted. But we defended the validity of the text of the Bible. There are links below to articles on the reliability of the Bible. This is an important topic when talking with Mormons as we must show them they they can trust the Bible more than the other Mormon scriptures.

Here are the Class Slides
Here is a link to the handout Mormon Science and Space Doctrines

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #03
Or play it with the control below:

Our “Homework” is to read some articles on the reliability of the Bible and watch a video on the Book of Abraham from the Perl of Great Price.

Here are the links to some articles. Read at least one, but more is better.
The Reliability of the Bible
Bible Reliability
Are the Biblical Documents Reliable?
Is the New Testament Text Reliable?

Here is a link to a 23 page document which summurized a course I taught on The Authority, Inspiration and Accuracy of the Bible

The video is an award winning documentation of The Book of Abraham and is about an hour long. Click Here to Go to the website of the producers of the video.


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