Mormons & JW – #2 History (pt 2) and Book of Mormon

This week we finished early Mormon History and then talked about the origin and content of the Book of Mormon.

Here are the Class Slides
Here is a link to the handout First Vision Questions
Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #02
Or play it with the control below:

Our “Homework” is to read a selection from the Book of Mormon and watch a video.
Here is a link to 1 Nephi 7. Read it and think of the Bible stories this reminds you about. Compare the language to other Hebrew scriptures written at the same time (600 BC), like Habakkuk (663-612 B.C), Zephaniah (612-588 B.C.) or Haggai (640-621 B.C.). You might want to use the King James Version for the comparison. 

The video is a 20 minutes long presentation by a former Mormon Bishop. It highlights some of the information that leads a Mormon to question if they have all the truth. Click Here to Go to the website where you can download other videos.


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