Mormons & JW – #1 Introduction and Mormon History

Welcome to our new class, “Understanding Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.” We had a very full class and are glad that others have said they would be listening in online. For all of you, this is the place to get the class audio and handouts but also a place to post your comments and questions. I hope we can have some good discussion here and learn from each other. I will be posting links to website and videos that you can use to gain even more information on this subject.

Here are the Class Slides
Here is the different versions of the First Vision handout
Here is the History of Joseph Smith handout

Right Click here to Download the lecture Audio for Class #01
Or play it with the control below:

For “Homework” you can watch the below video. It is an hour long presentation by a family that recently left Mormonism.

Click Here to Go to the website where you can download the letters that is talked about in the above video as well as other videos.


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