The Roman Influence – Caesarea and Beth Shan

In the first class we talked about how the Greek and Roman influences made the land of Israel more Roman than Jewish. This was especially true of the northern region called Galilee. We talked about two important cities that illustrate this influence: Caesarea Maritima and Beth Shan (Bet She’an). Below are some link to pictures and videos you might find interesting.

Here are some pictures and text that shows you more about Caesarea Maritima

Beth Shan (Bet She’an) – Here are some videos that will show you more about this city. The first is a short video of some people singing in the amphitheatre.

This short video is from the top of the hill overlooking Beth Shan.

This video was shot by a group of youth and includes footage of Beth Shan. One real interesting this is to hear some unamplified singing in the theatre.

This last video is about 25 minutes long and includes a lecture on the history of this important city.


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